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If you wish to work as a volunteer with Citizens Watch, please fill in this form.

Our volunteers in previous years:

Juho Saloranta, Tampere, Finland

Did legal research and wrote a comparative analysis on the access to official documents and the rule of law in Nordic Countries;

Delivered a lecture and a seminar on the topic "Human rights in Finland and Russia"

Assisted at workshops for schoolchildren on human rights, hate speech and tolerance

Observed local elections in St. Petersburg

September - November 2014

Leland Sidle, student at Connecticut College, USA

Assisted workshops for children on racism and the rights of children. Contributed to a workshop and lecture on bullying, the experience of Muslims in the USA, and the connection to St. Petersburg. Translated sections of the website from Russian to English.

June-July 2014

Jacob Parsley, student at Portland State University, Russian Overseas Flagship, USA

Translated various documents from Russian to English and from English to Russian, including a letter from Civic Solidarity and an official article from FC Zenit concerning their commitment to tolerance.

March - June 2013

Ganna-Maria Ivegesh, student of Warwick University, UK

Translated from English into Russian ECHR documents: 
  - Factsheet  of European Court of Human Rights on Hate speech
  - "Working group №1   Human Rights and the Rule of Law"
Translated from Russian into English:
  - Certificate for entry into the United State Register of Legal Entities [organisation Citizens' Watch]
  -  Certificate for registration of the legal entity with the tax authority [organisation Citizens' Watch]

  -  An outline of the Project "Race Hate Crimes: problems of expertise" for the website of Citizens' Watch
   - an expert evaluation of the current state of civil society and human rights in Russia    

Wrote in English and Russian a summary of the seminar "Freedom of Expression vs. Hate Speech" and took part in this seminar.

September 2012

Marc Sanchis, Institute of Political Studies, Bordeaux, France

Did research and wrote a comparative analysis on mediation laws and practice in France and Spain in the Russian language (108 pp)

July - September 2012

Benjamin Tyler, Carleton College / Russian Flagship Overseas Program, USA

Translated text concerning popular symbols of various hate groups (racist, neo-Nazi, etc.) from the brochure Hate On Display (Anti-Defamation League).

Researched and wrote a Russian-language analysis of current body of law surrounding freedom of speech in the US, focusing particularly on problems related to proper limitation of
expression and hate speech.

January - May 2012

Falko Mertel, Potsdam University (Political Science, Public Administration and Economics)

Did research on the judicial examination of hate crimes and on mediation laws in Germany. Helped with organising a two-day seminar "Topical Problems in Criminal and Civil Proceedings" in the frames of a bilateral Russian-Dutch project.

February - March 2012

Danielle Burrowes, The University of Manchester, UK

Helped with the translation of Russian language material and
proofread English language documents.

September - December 2008

Anna Tsedilina, student, St Petersburg University

Helped to sort the library of Citizens' Watch.

summer 2008

Ilona Vihonen, Tampere, Finland

Helped with translating, searching for information and everyday work. Her analysis of the Russian laws on NGOs as regards their correspondence to international human rights standards was of especial importance to us.

September - December 2007

Joseph Fishman, Harvard University, US

Compiled a Report on the Status of the Rights of Crime Victims in International Law.

August 2007

Polina Eremenko, St Petersburg

Translated documents and conference materials, helped to organise seminars. Polina proved to be a creative and dedicated member of the team.

August 2007 - July 2008

Saila Soljasalo, Espoo, Finland

Completed her paper "Comparison between the Finnish and the Russian Law on NGOs"


September - November 2006

Alison Kamhi, Harvard Law School, US

Compiled an analysis of justice courts legislation in the countries of democracy.

June - July 2006

Anne Boden, Ireland

Anne proved to be a valuable asset, helping with various aspects of our work. She helped with the organization of several conferences, including domestic violence, racism, judicial reform and the role of the police force in defending human rights. We were impressed by her capacity for both independent research and team-work.

October - July 2004

Natalia Teikola, Tampere, Finland

The main task for Natalia was to translate texts from Russian into English and update Citizens' Watch library. Also, she participated in our seminars: “The Role of Victim Legal and Social Aspects” and “Violence and the Police in a Big City”. She worked accurately and independently and quickly adapted herself as a part of the organisation.


May - July 2002

Hartmut Rank, Leipzig, Germany

Helped to prepare the seminar "Buisness communication skills for refugees and forced migrants in St. Petersburg". Assisted in liaising with German partners and Russian NGOs under the Citizens' Initiative Project.

February - March 2001

Ulrike Ziemer, Germany

Helped with the implementation of the "Citizens' Initiative" Project and with general office work. After taking part in the seminar "Individual and group rights of ethnic minorities in the process of globalisation" chose a theme for her dissertation.  Translated extracts of the seminar report into Englush, translated official documents into English and German correspondence.

October 2000 - June 2001

Till Mueller-Schoell, student, Bonn University, Germany

Translated reports of the seminars and various documents into German and English; participated in organising three seminars. Under the Citizens' Initiative Project, did research on environmental NGOs in St. Petersburg and established partnership contacts for the implementation of the international Ecology conference in 2000. At the request of Citizens' Watch staff, delivered a series of German language lessons. His independent work style and communication skills helped create a better team climate at Citizens' Watch.

September - February 2000

Chiara Traverso, Genoa, Italy

Helped with general office work and did research on human rights NGOs in St. Petersburg for her final dissertation for the University of Bologna.

July 1999 - March 2000

Susanne Golz, Weimar, Germany

Translated documents into German, wrote summaries of seminars held under the Project "Citizens' Initiative". Through getting acquainted with Citizens' Watch activities and literature, learned a lot about social problems in Russia.

November- December 1999

Daniela Kolbe, Germany

Translated a brochure of Heinrich Boell Stiftung from German into English (10 pages); six presentations and a foreword summary into English and German for the publication of the seminar "Terioki"; brochhures of the Citizens' Initiative Project into English and German. Actively helped with the Project implementation; participated in the television programme about the Citizens' Initiative Project (RTR Channel).

second half of 1998

Sergej Esau, Bonn, Germany

Helped with translation of documents into German.

March - April 1998

Ulrike Beutnagel, Frankfurt, Germany

Helped to organise and hold the seminar "Discussion of the draft law on the protection of children's rights".

first half of 1997

Ekaterina Sycheva, student, St. Petersburg University, Russia

Helped to organise a seminar on marketing and fundraising for NGOs.

March - April 1997

Dittrich Holger, Passau, Germany

Translated into German part of the stenograchic report of the seminar “Correspondence of the Russian Legislation on the army to International Legal Norms” (100 pages).

end of 1996 - March 1997