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Stenographic Reports of Conferences and Seminars: 1998

Publication in project:

  • 'Freedom of Information: Standards in A Democratic Society'. Seminar. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. December 5-6, 1998.
  • 'The Russian Law SORM (System of Operative Investigative Activities) -  A threat to Constitutional Rights of Russian Citizens'. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. November 21, 1998. Published in 1999. 300 copies.
  • 'Problems of Juvenile Justice: A Comparative Analysis of the Situation in Great Britain, Russia and Sweden'. In Russian, English and Swedish. International Conference. British-Russian Law Association, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and Know How Fund. October 24-25, 1998. 300 copies.
  • 'Position of Indigenous Minorities in Russia - the Case of Finno-Ugric peoples'. Third seminar of the International Helsinki Federation Project 'Integration through Reconciliation - Estonia, Latvia, Russia'. Latvian Center for Human Rights, Estonian Institute of Human Rights and International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights. September11-12, 1998. 300 copies.
  • 'Access to Government Information: Problem of Legal Guarantee (articles 24 and 29 in the Russian Constitution)'. Round table discussion. TACIS. June 20, 1998. 300 copies.
  • 'Development of Democratic Institutions in Army. Draft Law of Trade Unions in Army'. Round table discussion. TACIS. April 4, 1998. 100 copies.
  • 'Development of Democratic Institutions in Army. Draft Law of Trade Unions in Army'. International Seminar. TACIS. May 30-31, 1998. 300 copies.
  • 'Problems of Journalistic Ethics in Theory and Practice of Post-Communist Russian Mass Media'. International Conference. Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Foreign Ministry of Denmark and Consulate-General of the Netherlands. April 18-19, 1998. 400 copies.
  • 'Promotion of Authority and Effectiveness of Police's Work - Common Task of State and Society'. Seminar. Heinrich Boell Foundation. March 28-29, 1998. 100 copies.
  • 'The Non-Governmental Organization as an Initiator of the Comprehensive Development of Territory on cooperative bases (ASET; Association of Social and Economic Traditions)'. In Russian and in English. Heinrich Boell Foundation. June 13-14, 1998. 100 copies.
  • 'Christian Democratic and Conservative Parties in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)'. Conference, St. Petersburg. August 26-28, 1998.
  • 'Conference of Leaders of Northwest Russia's Public Associations and Initiative Groups of Chechen Migrants.' Heinrich Boell Foundation. November 28-29, 1998. 150 copies.
  • 'Civil Rights Movements and Mechanims to Protect Human Rights'. All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference. Know How Fund, Great Britain. June 13-14, 1998. 500 copies.
  • Public Hearing on Preparation of Regional Draft Law 'On Social Order'. Heinrich Boell Foundation. December 12-13, 1998. 100 copies.