Russia must implement its international obligations to protect women from discrimination

Anti-Discrimination Centre Memorial, Charitable Foundation Sphere and Citizens’ Watch in cooperation with Women.Prison.Society project have prepared alternative information on violation of the rights’ of women and vulnerable groups in Russia for the 80th session of the UN CEDAW Committee. In their report, the human rights organizations draw the Committee’s attention to intensification of repression against women who are active in public and political life. In other words, those are political opposition figures, independent journalists, feminist activists, eco activists, human rights defenders, all of whom are frequently left with no choice but to leave Russia because of the pressure, criminal and administrative persecution.

Stop police violence and massive violations of fundamental human rights

Statement by Russian human rights defenders In recent days, we have witnessed a new wave of lawlessness and repression by the authorities against Russian citizens. Russian authorities’ persecution of Alexei Navalny in recent weeks has caused justified outrage among a huge number of citizens across Russia. His arbitrary detention at passport control, the farcical court hearing at the police station on the restraining measure, and the unjust court decision on 2 February to replace his suspended sentence with imprisonment can be seen only as politically motivated persecution of Navalny for his opposition activities and as intimidation of all citizens who actively advocate for change in the country.

Submission of information on the situation in Russia to the UN Human Rights Committee

Прочитать новость на русском In May 2020 in the view of consideration by the UN Human Rights Committee the report of Russia on the realization of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, Citizens' Watch together with ADC Memorial prepared submission. Submission describes the situation regarding torture and violation of fair trial of ethnic and religious minorities in Russia and the territories under its control. Download Photo by Bernd Klutsch on Unsplash

Announcement of office telephone number change

We would like to inform you that we have changed our telephone number to +7 (812) 309-26-69. Please update our contact information in your address books. Thank you!

Ruling of Justice Court

On 26 May 2015 Citizens’ Watch proved its case in court against the accusations of allegedly having submitted a wrong report on the sources and size of its annual income. The charges under Article 19.7.5-2 of the Code of Administrative Offences were brought against the NGO by the St Petersburg Department of the Ministry of Justice. It was the first time this clausewas applied. The clause is discriminatory (as is the entire law) because only NGOs branded as foreign agents are held administratively liable for failure to duly provide credible information to the Ministry of Justice. The offence is punishable by a fine 100,000 to 300,000 roubles – equivalent to £1,200 to £3,700.

Citizens' Watch has received a notice from the Prosecutor's Office

Citizens' Watch has received a notice from the Prosecutor's OfficeSee below the translation of the Notice of Violation.Citizens' Watch wishes a happy New Year to all its partners, supporters and friends. Notice.

Court reporting in Russia and Europe

On December 1st 2014, a seminar “Court Reporting in Russia and Europe” was held in Saint Petersburg. Journalists and lawyers were invited to take part in the event, which was organised by the human rights organization Citizens’ Watch and the Guild of Court Reporters. The law community is one of the most important sources of information on the judicial process and on the court activities in general.

School of Court Reporting opens in St Petersburg

On 7 – 8 November, Saint Petersburg was host to the first seminar of the School of Judiciary Journalism, organized by Citizens’ Watch and the Guild of Court Reporters. Leading figures and experts at the event included Executive Director of the Guild, Sergei Chizhkov; journalist and Editor-in-Chief of the news agency «Судебные Решения.РФ» (courtdecisions.rf), Pavel Netupskiy; Professor of Criminal Law at Saint Petersburg State University and retired Chairman of the Saint Petersburg City Court, Vladimir Poludnyakov; and spokeswoman and assistant to the chairman of the Pushkin District Court of Saint Petersburg, Daria Lebedeva.

Commemoration Day in honour of the Victims of Political Repression

On the 30th of October, victims of repression during the Soviet era will be remembered and honoured all over Russia as part of Commemoration Day. In Saint Petersburg, this tradition began with the dirge of the 21st of October, 1989 at the Levashovo Memorial Cemetery. Since then, a list of those executed during the course of the Great Terror has been published by the “Leningrad Martyrology.” This year’s ceremony, entitled “Wishing to call you by name…,” will be held in three different locations: on Trinity Square, at Levashovo Memorial Cemetery, and in the garden of the Fountain House of the Anna Akhmatova Museum.

Final conference: Legal assistance for vulnerable groups provided by NGOs

On the 26th of September, Citizens Watch and the Institute of Law named after Prince P.G. Oldenburgsky hosted a conference “The potential of non-governmental organisations in providing free legal assistance to vulnerable groups“ in St. Petersburg, Russia. Elena Shakhova, Chair of Citizens Watch, presented the results of the research on practices in free legal assistance by NGOs in the Northwest of Russia, followed by the discussion on how to properly communicate with ‘difficult’ clients. Arkady Gutnikov, Director of the Institute of Law, talked about the challenges related to the adoption of unified standards for free legal aid provided by NGOs.

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