Elena Shakhova announced as Chairman of “Citizens Watch”

Following a general meeting, Elena V. Shakhova has been announced as the new Chairman of the St. Petersburg human rights organization “Citizens Watch.”

Shakhova is assuming the responsibilities of Chairman of “Citizens Watch” following the recent passing of Boris P. Pustyntsev, who led the organization for 22 years. Shakhova previously held positions in “Citizens Watch,” including Deputy Chairman and Project Coordinator. Maria L. Razumovskaya will take on the responsibilities of Deputy Chairman, as Shakhova assumes the position of Chairman.

According to Elena V. Shakhova, “Citizens Watch” will retain the same priorities and activities: facilitating the establishment of independent and impartial courts in Russia, developing mediation, lowering the threshold of access to justice, and providing legal assistance to victims of human rights violations. Additionally, due to the ongoing campaign against NGOs, which includes repressive legislation and increasing pressure from regulatory authorities, “Citizens Watch” will focus on raising awareness about NGOs in Russian society. “Citizens Watch” plans to participate in developing new public relations strategies, fund raising for the human rights sector, and will focus on working with young human rights activists.

Elena V. Shakhova was born in Leningrad in 1977. In 2000 she graduated from the Economics Department of St. Petersburg State University. In 2004 she became a graduate of the International Course of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Warsaw. Shakhova has been a member of “Citizens Watch” since 1998.